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The Orpheus Remix Awards

Thursday, November 29th, 2007

The Orpheus Remix Awards are awards for new 4-minute musico-dramatic works for radio to be launched on-air and online on 1 & 2 December on both ABC Radio National’s The Night Air (Sundays, 8.35pm) and ABC Classic FM’s New Music Up Late (Saturdays, 10.30pm).

It is 400 years since the premiere of the world’s first acknowledged opera, Monteverdi’s L’Orfeo. To celebrate, the ABC is inviting works that respond to both the Orpheus myth and the notion of ‘opera’, in the form of original 4-minute works for radio. If successful, the compositions will be heard on ABC Radio National and ABC Classic FM, and available for download from ABC Online.

This is a chance to explore the idea of opera within the musically and sonically diverse context of contemporary radio and audio technology in a shockingly succinct 4 minutes. It’s a chance to delve into the Orpheus myth, with all its resonances regarding the power of music, love, and a journey into the underworld.

As a starting point, the ABC is providing five samples from the original L’Orfeo by Monteverdi (sampled with permission from the ABC Classics recording of Pinchgut Opera’s 2004 performances in Sydney*).
These are available for re-mix as part of the creation of the new works. Each entrant must use at least one of these samples.

The ABC has commissioned 6 experienced artists: Damien Barbeler, Constantine Koukias, Dave Noyze & Sarah Last, Pateras & Fox, Gail Priest, and Amanda Stewart to make their own 4-minute Orpheus Remixes as a stimulus. These 6 works are available on the Orpheus Remix website for download.

There are 3 Orpheus Remix Awards on offer:

  • The Night Air Choice Award
  • The New Music Up Late Choice Award
  • The Listeners’ Choice Award (chosen through online voting)

The Award-winning entrants will each receive a paid commission to make a longer musico-dramatic work for radio in consultation with ABC Radio producers.

From 1 December visit for more information and to upload entries.

Entries for the awards close on 31 January 2008.

The Night Air and New Music Up Late
ABC Radio National and ABC Classic FM

*Samples from performances by Pinchgut Opera orchestra and chorus with soloists Mark Tucker and Sara Macliver, as recorded and released by ABC Classics, ABC 476 8030

  • CD1 tr20, 0:00-0:32 – Nymphs and Shepherds: “Ah, bitter chance…” (choir alone)
  • CD2 tr04, 0:00-0:55 – opening to Orpheus’s “Where oh where…” (brass chorale)
  • CD2 tr05, 0:00-0:59 – Orpheus to Charon: “Mighty Spirit…” (soloist w. organ, lute & viols)
  • CD2 tr08, 1:12-1:32 – interlude in Orpheus’s “He sleeps…” (organ solo)
  • CD2 tr13, 0:00-1:06 – Persephone to Pluto: “What thanks…” (soloist w. lute & harpsichord)

For more information contact Stephen Adams, Australian Music Unit, ABC Classic FM. Phone 02 8333 2815 or Email [email protected]

Zeppelin 2008 - Deafnesses

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

Once again, Orquestra del Caos, announces its new edition of Zeppelin, Sound Art Festival, calling for sound works about the multiple “deafnesses” of the contemporary world.

There are many kinds of deafness. This year’s Zeppelin Sound Art Festival will focus on those that are barely noticeable, slowly and steadily undermining our hearing. We like to listen to noise and work with it, but we are aware that some noises often inoculate in us a sort of “mental deafness”. We would like to listen with our whole bodies, and to do so, we invite you to reflect on and make sound pieces that pay attention to the excess of talk, images, and sounds that constantly floods our ears disguised as “information”; to that never ending and repetitive clatter that political slogans wish to imprint in our minds and behaviors; to those strange sounds produced by the concentration of power; to the way we are continuously made to think of ourselves as “clients” and “consumers” instead of citizens… we want to pay attention to the noise that deprives us of our own sounds. We want to ask what can we ultimately really listen to? What are the mechanisms behind this great mental and social deafness we are suffering? We want to raise this questions through your works, regarding them as listening tools that counteract the kinds of deafness that inhabit our times.

This is an open invitation for all those persons interested in these matters to submit their sound works.

The pieces will be presented in an eight-speaker system on March 13th, 14th and 15th 2008 in Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona.


All the pieces will be accepted as long as they fit the following requirements:

  • All works must be ten (10) minutes long or less
  • The works must be in AIFF or WAV format at 44.1 Khz & 16bits
  • The following information should be attached: 1. A brief description about the piece; 2. Artistic biography of the author; 3. A signed document authorizing or unauthorizing explicitly the desire to publish the piece on the internet; 4. A signed document authorizing the inclusion of the piece in the sound art archive Sonoscop.
  • All works and documentation must be sent in CD/DVD before February the 15th 2008, to:

    Centre de Cultura Contemporánia de Barcelona
    C/Montalegre, 5
    Barcelona 08001

More info: [email protected]

We appreciate any difussion

Orquestra del Caos/ Sonoscop
CCCB - C. Montalegre, 5
08001 BCN
t: +34 93 306 41 28
f: +34 93 302 24 23
email: [email protected]

Sound Travellers

Thursday, November 15th, 2007

The Australia Council for the Arts, Ceres Solutions and Performing Lines have joined forces to announce the New Music Touring Project - Sound Travellers - a two year project to facilitate and promote the national touring of sound art/electronica, new jazz/ improvisation and contemporary classical music.

This project is being managed as a partnership between established touring organisation Performing Lines and arts strategy company Ceres Solutions, with director Joanne Kee leading the project.

The intention of Sound Travellers is to bring these genres to a larger audience nationwide at the same time as securing assistance for existing artists across the country to further develop their practice.

Sound Travellers will:

  • Support performance and presentational opportunities in a touring context
  • Support and broaden existing touring networks
  • Develop opportunities and new networks for the artforms
  • Leverage the funding with other financial and in kind support
  • Provide infrastructure support including marketing/publicity to enable skills growth within the sectors, which enables artistic and audience growth.

There will be two components to Sound Travellers. For artists there is a grant based program designed to assist Australian artists to tour nationally. Sound Travellers will also explore the options to both broaden and strengthen the national touring opportunities for these music genres.

An artistic advisory panel with specialists from each genre has been formed to make recommendations to the executive committee regarding the overall objectives of the project. This panel includes – Stephen Adam (ABC Classic FM), Professor Andy Arthurs (Queensland University of Technology), John Davis (Australian Music Centre), Ronny Ferella (Musician and co-director of Half Bent), Cat Hope (Sound Artist and Head of Composition and Music Technology - WAAPA, ECU), Adrian Jackson (Wangaratta Festival of Jazz) and Roland Peelman (AD - Song Company).

The call for applications for the first grant round will be announced in late November 2007. Guidelines for the grants will be available on the Sound Travellers website ( from early November 2007. Successful applicants will be advised in early 2008.

If you wish to discuss a project that has the potential to provide infrastructure/new opportunities or will strengthen touring networks or you would like more information about this project please contact:

Joanne Kee on 0414 973 095 or [email protected] or

Performing Lines on 02 9319 0066 or [email protected]

Background on Companies

Performing Lines develops, produces and tours contemporary Australian performance nationally and internationally - across genres including physical theatre, circus, dance, indigenous and intercultural arts, music theatre, hybrid work, and text-based theatre. Performing Lines also manages projects including Mobile States - touring contemporary performance and Tasmania Performs - an initiative of Arts Tasmania to encourage regional touring.

Ceres Solutions focuses on working with small/medium sized arts organisations. Our philosophy is to empower with knowledge, networks and strategic planning as well as short term operational assistance.

Joanne Kee is the Director of Ceres Solutions. She has worked in the arts sector in both the UK and Australia for organizations such as the Arts Council of England, Sydney Opera House, Café Carnivale, The Song Company and Jazzgroove Association, as well as working with individual artists. Her track record includes producing concert series/performances and tours in Australia and overseas, strategic business development and implementing successful branding, audience development and fundraising strategies.