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Some places are available for this workshop on 17 March 2008 at the National Centre for Early Music in York.

Those who are interested in this event - and in all aspects of digital music and sound generation - are also invited to join the Music & Sound user group at Digital Arts & Humanities (

The workshop will explore multi-disciplinary approaches to audio, acoustics, and sound design, in order to discover how current techniques and research might be applied specifically to heritage and related applications. The day will be followed by an evening sound tour of sites and installations around the city.

The workshop will take place at the National Centre for Early Music, York.

The workshop will:
* Bring together researchers, practitioners, and professionals working in the area of audio and acoustics.
* Demonstrate audio work in the field of history, heritage and the preservation and interpretation of past environments.
* Disseminate audio work across the museum, heritage and related sectors.
* Offer networking opportunities with researchers and practitioners working in audio, acoustics and sound design.
* Share knowledge, experience and promotion of good practice in sound design for heritage and museums applications.
* Identify common interests, goals and future directions for research.
* Lead to focused collaborations and working parties for the development of new projects and/or research proposals.

Further information and a list of confirmed speakers can be found at:

The workshop is funded by the AHRC ICT Methods Network and supported by SpACE-Net and EPSRC

To register for the event please contact [email protected] by Tuesday 11 March.

This is a multi-disciplinary event, so please do help to spread the word around interested friends and colleagues, especially in the arts, museums, and heritage sectors.

The Brisbane Sound

Monday, February 18th, 2008

Curated by David Pestorius, The Brisbane Sound will map cross-pollination between the indie and experimental music scenes and the art scene in Brisbane during the post-punk years, 1978–1983. This multi-layered project will incorporate an exhibition, concerts and a book. It will concentrate on the role of key individuals, including Ed Kuepper, Robert Forster and Eugene Carchesio, each of whom will curate a special concert for the project. In addition to receiving international critical acclaim for their music, Kuepper (founder of The Saints) and Forster (founder of The Go-Betweens) have consistently maintained a working relationship with visual artists and the art world, while Carchesio, who is primarily known as a visual artist, is also a product of the same music/art milieu.

The Brisbane Sound builds on earlier IMA projects, in particular Ross Harley’s groundbreaking 1986 exhibition Know Your Product, which surveyed crossovers between the art and indie music scenes in Brisbane between 1976 and 1986. It was the first time the convergence of local art and music worlds was made visible in an institutional context. Harley’s project assembled a breadth of material, arguing that the sorting would come later, and that certain aspects would assume greater significance in the future. The Brisbane Sound offers itself as the fulfillment of this idea.

In addition to Kuepper, Forster and Carchesio, The Brisbane Sound will showcase the multifarious activities of Gary Warner, including his graphic work, experimental sound works, Super 8 films and contributions to local indie groups including The Leftovers, Zero/Xero and Out Of Nowhere. In addition, there will be a focus on the graphic work of Peter Loveday, Terry Murphy and John Willsteed, which paralleled and often served as a critique of Brisbane’s dynamic alternative and experimental music/art scenes in the early 1980s. The remarkable activities of John Nixon in Brisbane in 1980 and 1981 will also be the subject of close scrutiny. In these years Nixon’s exhibition program as director of the IMA, and his Anti-Music and Q Space projects challenged institutional orthodoxies and served to collapse the local experimental art and alternative music scenes into one another.

The Brisbane Sound will also include specially commissioned contributions from Jenny Watson, Judi Dransfield-Kuepper and Andrew Wilson, and will present a rarely seen 1979 television commercial for the Toowong Music Centre by The Go-Betweens featuring Robert Forster and the late Grant McLennan in acting roles, as well as the McLennan-scripted short film Heather’s Gloves.

    Concert dates:

Friday 7 March at 8.30pm: Small World Experience, The Deadnotes, Ian Wadley, Peter Charles Macpherson, Gary Warner (Super-8 films), curated by Eugene Carchesio.

Saturday 8 March at 8.30pm: The Apartments, Adults Today, Robert Forster and Adele Pickvance, and Trevor Ludlow and The Hellraisers, curated by Robert Forster.

Sunday 9 March at 8.30pm:
Ed Kuepper Presents The Ascension Academy. Tickets: Rocking Horse.

The Brisbane Sound is a joint project with David Pestorius Projects. The exhibition and concerts are supported by Brisbane City Council and the publication by Arts Queensland. With additional support from RockingHorse, RMAX Rigid Cellular Plastics and Time Off.

UTS Music.Sound.Design Symposium 2008

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

The faculties of Design, Architecture and Building and Humanities and Social Sciences at UTS are together embarking on a project to develop a new undergraduate program emphasizing cross-disciplinary practice across the areas of Music, Sound and Design and as part of that process are holding the UTS Music.Sound.Design Symposium 2008.

Designed as a launch for the project the symposium will run from Wednesday February 13 to Friday February 15 2008 and will feature a mix of panel presentations, keynotes and performances, all of which are free and open to the public as well as some private workshop sessions where delegates will be assisting us to develop the new program.

Presenters will delve into issues across such diverse practices as acoustics, composition, recording, installation, broadcast, sound in the environment, instrument building, interactivity, performance, audiovisuals, new media/game sound, theatre/film sound and auditory culture, materiality and technology theory.

Special guests include Yasunao Tone (Japan), Ernest Edmonds (UK) and Kees Tazelaar (Netherlands), who will present keynotes alongside delegates including Philip Samartzis, John Bassett, Damian Castaldi, Densil Cabrera, Theo van Leeuwen, Shannon O’Neill, Nigel Helyer, Sherre Delys, Kirsten Reese, Bert Bongers, Andrew Johnston, Stephen Barrass, Danielle Wilde, Donna Hewitt, Norie Neumark, Ian Andrews, Darrin Verhagen, Tom Ellard, Andrew Plain, Ben Byrne, Peter Blamey, Mitchell Whitelaw, Caleb Kelly, Robin Fox, James Hurley and Julian Knowles.