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ASIALINK residency program

Monday, April 7th, 2008

Applications open Sunday July 1st 2007 and close Friday September 7th 2007

Residencies are available in the following art form areas:

Arts Management Residency Information
This program provides opportunities for Australian arts managers to experience working with an arts organisation in an Asian country for up to four months. Residencies are open to arts managers in the areas of visual arts and crafts, performing arts, literature, multimedia, technical production and festivals.

Performing Arts Residency Information
Residencies are open to performing arts practitioners, including directors, actors, musicians, dancers, designers, production managers and technicians.

Visual Arts Residency Information
Residencies are open to visual artists and crafts people including painters, sculptors, installation and multimedia artists, ceramic, glass, textile and wood workers, photographers, etc.

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This is a six-month residency for media artists with ABC Radio National in Sydney to commence in April 2009.

Part of the residency may take place in ABC studios in other states or territories. This residency provides resources for artists to work in a broadcasting environment. Artists do not need to have experience in broadcasting, though proposals must include an outcome suitable for broadcasting. Additional outcomes may include installation and/or performance.

Amount: up to $35,000, comprising $20,000 with an additional amount up to $10,000 for accommodation and travel for non-Sydney residents and an additional $5,000 for public outcomes. This category is open to individuals. An application will be selected that best demonstrates: artistic merit, including the quality of the artist(s) and their ability to participate in consultation and collaboration; direct benefits to the artist and the host organisation; good planning and effective use of resources.

Full details online. Website
Closing 1 June

V2_ International Residence Program

Monday, April 7th, 2008

V2_Lab regularly offers residencies for professional media artists. The V2_ international residence program is open to artists worldwide. Artists may propose research and development projects lasting for a period of three months. This program is designed especially for experienced, professional artists who can benefit from the expertise available in the V2_Lab.

Artists are advised to look into the research themes of V2_Lab before submitting proposals.

Deadline: Open All Year

Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Website: