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hellosQuare recordings in association with Sound Travelers and the Australia Council is proud to present Klumpes Ahmad (Sydney/Canberra) and the Austin Benjamin Trio (Canberra) on tour throughout February and March, showcasing their new releases ‘In Bed We Trust’ and ‘Unraveled, Rewoven’.

Using electronics, jazz improvisation and modern classical technique, the improvising duo of pianist Adrian Klumpes (ex-Triosk, Pivot) and guitarist Shoeb Ahmad stand live beside the young Canberra trio of Austin Benjamin, Chris Pound and Evan Dorrian in a series of performances that typify the hellosQuare sound.

Supporting will be Adelaide’s own Jason Sweeney aka Panoptique Electrical, performing his sweet minimalist portraits of sound using the piano and computer electronics.



The Splinter Orchestra on tour

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

The Splinter Orchestra is a unique group in Australia’s musical landscape. It has existed for 6 years with a constantly evolving lineup of musicians from diverse backgrounds and generally has 15-25 musicians, but has performed as up to a 55 piece group. The ensemble plays improvised music with no conductor and few precedents. What may seem like an unusual combination of instruments – alto saxophones, computers, accordion, electric guitar, assorted percussion, cello and homemade instruments among others – is the result of a large ensemble created with no ’sections’ or defined roles, only a desire to bring together creative musicians with a similar purpose.

The Splinter Orchestra has always sought to achieve a united sound based on restraint and the movement of a piece as a group rather than featuring soloists. An improvised music ensemble of this size has never toured regional NSW before. During October The Splinter Orchestra will be traveling to Newcastle, Wollongong, Wagga Wagga, Bathurst and Katoomba before finishing in Sydney.


ii: the art of secret noises

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

ii (“eye eye”) are hitting the road and serving up their very own blend of ambient pop to destinations around Australia on their first ever national tour. Promising to take audiences to the edges of pop and beyond, ii says the tour is “going to be an opportunity to bring our sound to new places and try it out in new contexts”. Playing a handful of galleries and art spaces, as well as traditional venues, first stop for the Melbourne duo is Canberra.