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Handmade Music Night

Friday, July 31st, 2009

Every 3rd Thursday, 7:30p to 10:30p, FREE admission

Part party, part mixer, part Science Fair, and part performance, this is an informal chance for geeksters and the geek-curious to come together, relax, and discover new sounds. The evening is a gathering of inventors of new instruments & music technology. Featuring circuit-bent toys, custom software and patches, interactive digital & visual instruments, custom electronics, electricity-powered noisemakers, DIY robots and new acoustic instruments. And it’s open to everyone from hard-core hackers & newcomers to music lovers who want to learn about the DIY music scene.

New from Handmade Music Night: Open Lab, August 20th

6 to 10:30 p, 7:30 p Featured Guest, All night: lots of surprises, noisy, working, not working - the lot.

Our workshop is now your workshop. In addition to our regular Handmade Music science fair - sonic party series, we’re now offering open lab events during which people can bring hardware and software projects to work on. Whether you’re an absolute beginner trying out a new kit for the first time or an advanced programmer or hardware maker, it’s an open space in which you can spend several hours getting something accomplished. Get that fuzzy synth / strange noisemaker ready to make a racket at a Handmade Music event!

Bring your work and any tools or cables you may need. We’ll provide space, power, and inspiration and ideas from other like-minded DIYers, experienced and newbie alike.

EvoMUSART 2010

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

EvoMUSART 2010 is the eight workshop of the EvoNet working group on Evolutionary Music and Art. Following the success of previous events and the growth of interest in the field, the main goal of EvoMUSART 2010 is to bring together researchers who are using biologically inspired techniques for artistic tasks, providing the opportunity to promote, present and discuss ongoing work in this area.

The workshop will be held from 7-9 April, 2010 in Istanbul, Turkey as part of the EvoStar event.

Accepted papers will be presented orally at the workshop and included in the EvoWorkshops proceedings, published by Springer Verlag in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science series. The papers should concern the use of bio-inspired techniques (Evolutionary  Computation, Artificial Life, Artificial Neural Networks, Swarm Intelligence, etc.) in the scope of the generation, analysis and interpretation of art, music, design, architecture and other artistic fields.
Submission deadline: November 4, 2009

The Bundanon Trust offers an inspirational setting for creative thinkers, professional artists and groups, from all disciplines of the arts, to create, rejuvenate, explore ideas, embrace change, and exemplify excellence in contemporary arts practice.

The Artist in Residence program supports both established and emerging artists. Residencies are available for the development of new work, research, and collaboration. Artists come from around the world in the pursuit of creative inspiration and renewal. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists are encouraged to apply.

The Artist in Residence program offers free accommodation and studio space for up to 5 weeks. Australian and international artists are hosted in purpose-built studios located at the Bundanon properties on the Shoalhaven River in NSW.

Guidelines and application form can be downloaded from the website.¬†Should you have any questions please contact Program Staff for details on 4422 2100 or [email protected].

Closing dates for applications is Friday 31st July, 2009.