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SYNCRETISM : 21 March 2009

Saturday, March 7th, 2009

Volume, dynamics and sonic density have a quality that transforms the aural experience from cerebral to physical and it’s this idea that will be tested by two of Australia’s most exploratory artists at Syncretism. It just so happens to also be a double CD launch!

Whilst they may be only two musicians, Brisbane’s No Anchor creates an utterly engulfing wall of sound. Ferociously energetic, their concepts are nothing short of intense. This duo delivers an unrelenting vision of doom that places them at the dark heart of this city’s soundscape. By contrast, Lawrence English is renowned for his abilities to generate immersive sound fields that consume the audience in an epic ocean of textured sound. For his set as part of Syncretism, English presents new material from his album, A Colour for Autumn, released by the acclaimed 12K imprint from New York.

Heinz Riegler also joins the bill in one of his first solo outings in many years - a rare treat!

tix available pre-sale here


Sunday, February 15th, 2009

READY FIRE AIM - apsc festival march 27-29th 2009
WHAT? 10 hour exposition / excavation / explosion surveying Brisbane’s fluxed, frantic, confounding underground music, noise, art and performance scenes. loosely structured but open to intervention, evolving in the style of a happening. sonic groups / artists invited to claim 15 minute slots throughout the day. 30 acts in 10 hours. visual artists / performance artists free to participate however they feel. provided: 4 PA speakers, nice AMPS, Drumkit, technical assistance¬†from Audiopollen and friends.
WHEN? March 29th. Sunday 2pm-Midnight.
WHERE? OLD MUSEUM Studio 3, Bowen Hills, Brisbane. Entry via side veranda.
HOW MUCH? free entry. BYO. or donate directly to artists if you like them.
performing already: xxxx, craft bandits, kitchensfloor, chloe cogle, lloyd barrett, joe musgrove, cait foran, blank realm, sss, marl karx, earbeard, cured pink radio, jamie hume, tom hall, pfile flowchart, no guru, atsuhiro ito, many many more.
please send expressions of interest / intentions to participate to [email protected] by March 10th.

Difficult Listening

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

Difficult Listening on RTR FM 92.1
Sundays: 9.00pm to 11.00pm
Perth’s new music radio showcase is Difficult Listening. Presenters Bryce Moore and Rosalind Appleby bring you the very latest in contemporary chamber music, noise, dark ambient, impro, free jazz, musique concrete, spoken word, electronica, etc from Western Australia and around the world, as well as 20th century classics. The program features regular interviews with new music composers and performers and news about coming events.

The program’s website, features detailed play lists with links to the sources of the music, links to Western Australian new music sites, a blog written by the program’s presenters, a large directory of new music labels and links to program re-streams.